About Tou-Undo

We believe that fine confections can be just as moving as beautiful music and literature. Tou-Undo aims to add a color to life through finely-crafted sweets: most famously, our wedding sweets.

Our ancestor, the First Generation owner Ichijiro Fujino, established Toundo in 1877, the 10th year of the Meiji Period. Ichijiro, a katana handguard artisan at that time, was known as Ichijiro Kazariya under the vassal of the Matsudaira clan known as Lord Tomimasa Honda. Lord Honda, who loved wisterias (fuji), gave Ichijiro the name‘Fuji,’which is also the symbol on the family crest. From then on, he was known as Ichijiro Fujino. On March of 1902, the 35th year of the Meiji Period, a large fire had tremendously affected Fukui city. After overcoming hardships, he started working as a Japanese confection maker in Old Kyomachi (currently Terute), and focused on making sweets for a catering service.

The Second Generation owner, Yoshio Fujino, succeeded Toundo in 1945, the 9th year of the Taisho period, after training in Kyoto. But, because of the air raids in 1945, the 20th year of the Showa Period, the city of Fukui suffered an 84.8% loss in damages. On top of that, the final blow happened on June of 1948, when Fukui suffered a huge earthquake. During the restoration, the store moved to its current location, the old site of the Fukui post office. The phoenixes – Fukui and Toundo – that have overcome two tragedies have been continuing to progress ever since.

After the Third Generation owner, Giichi Fujino, finished his studies at Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio, he became the owner of Toundo in 1962, the 37th year of the Showa Period. Giichi started the Fukuwa-kai, a research society for up-and-coming confectioners in his hometown of Fukui, creating a place for them to study and create friendships. On December 1972, the 47th year of the Showa Period, the current facility was completed, and thanks to our loyal customers, we are about to celebrate our 140th anniversary.

We may only be a small boat drifting about a big river called time. We will also always be by Asuwagawa River, continuing to make the best confections from now on.

Toundo Confectionery

“Add confection perfection to your occasion” is the motto at Toundo,
where we select the finest ingredients to handcraft for our customer's delight.

Everyone smiles when they eat delicious food: savory, yet gently sweet dorayaki, azuki bean buns, the warm taste of brown sugar melting over one's palate. We strive to craft pastries that deliver delicious experiences to our customers.

Toundo: it is our pleasure to serve you. Whether it is congratulations on a wedding celebrations · celebration of birth · family occasions · comfort during illness, please visit our store. In times of happiness, in times of anxiety, or when expressing gratitude, our confections will convey your warm smiles to your loved ones.

Elegant tea cakes are confections used mainly in the tea ceremony. In the tea ceremony, the sweetness of the pastries is weaker than the tea in order to get the sharp flavor of the dark tea, compared to a lighter tea. The sweetness of the pastry is calculated so as to remain on the palate even after drinking dark tea. We are waiting to prepare a variety of superior cakes for customers at our shop.

Many of our confectionery ingredients are born in nature-rich Fukui. Koshihikari Yonago, sweet potato of Mikunihonmachi, Echizen Kinoko etc. are be a treasure trove of ingredients. Toundo appreciates such blessings of nature, creating sweets while making full use of the materials' natural taste. Craftsmen will handcraft each and every sweet with gratitude.

One of the signature experiences of Fukui: using Okinawa fresh brown sugar from Hateruma, we will deliver elegant taste with subtle sweetness to everyone. This delicious sweet bean jelly is featured in our Tokyo showroom sponsored by Karyu, at 291 Minami, Aoyama.